Puraran Beach Catanduanes

Puraran Beach is a famous surfing destination in Catanduanes. The beach features a wide and considerable stretch of cream-colored sand, interesting rock formations and a serene background of jungle-covered rolling hills. It is situated on eastern edge of the island facing the Pacific Ocean that’s why it has strong and big waves perfect for surfing. The “Majestic Wave” is the name of its signature surfing wave and according to locals, waves can reach up to 6 feet especially during typhoon season. The humble beach resorts can provide surfing instructors to interested visitors who want to try surfing.



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The Lighthouses of Batanes

Batanes has three lighthouses located in Basco, Mahatao and Sabtang Island. These structures were built not only to guide seafarers across the ocean, but also as tourist attractions. All three lighthouses are open to visitors anytime, emphasizing the view with their splendid and striking presence.